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Ravine - Matt, Jan 21, 12 5:39 PM.
Adding new things to the website, expect some funky things popping up out of no where. Please bear with me I will try to do this as quick as possible. As you can see below raid signups will be hosted on our website so if you haven't became a member yet, please see your local holo terminal and sign up today.


List of new features:
-We are recruiting, tell your friends.
-Web Gallery for all your screenshot needs. A standard size will be available soon. Anything larger than this size will be resized, or deleted.
-We are working on set OPs times and when we get something concrete our raids and sign up roster will be avaliable on the guild portal website.
-Your local vent channels will be getting a complete overhaul. (Hopefully I can figure out that darn Itunes thing.) 15 minute AFK channel will be implemented on Ventrilo. Lets keep the talking to ourselves to a minimum. :D
-More features are in the works.

Stay Tuned.
We are Recruiting    
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